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Track your Leads, Contacts & Deals with Highrise

From the makers of Basecamp comes Highrise—a web-based contact manager. Highrise prepares you for your next call, next meeting, next pitch, next follow-up, and next sale. If you love Basecamp then you’ll love Highrise.

Thousands of businesses use Highrise to keep track of client, vendor, and customer relationships. Know who you talked to, what was said, and when to follow-up next. Get business done.

Import from Basecamp

Import people from Basecamp to Highrise

You can import all the people from your Basecamp account into Highrise. Everyone that’s part of your company in Basecamp will be able to log into Highrise with the same username and password they currently use in Basecamp.

A person's history

Keep a record of your conversations

Every contact and lead that is stored in Highrise gets a page. You and your co-workers can add notes from calls, conversations, meetings, or any other information about this person.

You can even attach relevant emails, images, and files like Word or Excel documents to the contact’s page.

Track leads and deals

Track deals, proposals, and leads

Know which proposals/bids are pending, which you’ve won, and which you’ve lost. Enter notes about the deals, attach proposals or contracts to the deals, and keep a log of any changes.

Since your team has access to the information in Highrise, everyone’s always on the same page.

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